Watch 'Avenue Q' Sing Ledinsky's 'Donald Trump Makes Me Want to Smoke Crack'

Swedish songwriter Ledinsky has been living in the United States for a decade, calling the country his “adoptive parent,” but the recent political campaign of Donald Trump inspired him to write an entirely different sort of song. Officially titled “DonaldTrumpMakesMeWannaSmokeCrack,” which he recorded this past June and released on 

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Sisqó Finally Explains The Real Meaning Of 'Dumps Like A Truck'

The year was 2000. My cousins and I had just been dropped off at the mall, a sick $20 bill in tow. After waving goodbye to our parents chauffeurs, we bolted to the nearest Wet Seal, where we proceeded to select matching pairs of thong underwear, each adorned with a rhinestoned butterfly. We giggled almost to the point of hyperventilation fantasizing about how hot we’d look with the glittery insects perched oh-so-maturely above our low-rise jeans. 

For this heinously inappropriate fashion misstep, I have one man to blame: Mark Althavean Andrews, better known as Sisqó.

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Politicians Throw Punches in DJ Shadow, Run the Jewels' 'Nobody Speak' Video

“We wanted to make a positive, life-affirming video that captures politicians at their election-year best,” DJ Shadow said in a statement that accompanies the new visual for “Nobody Speak,” his collaboration with Killer Mike and El-P of Run the Jewels. “We got this instead.”

By &quot…

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Hey, Girl, The History Of The Word ‘Girl’ Is Actually Crazy

There’s “gal,” there’s “lady,” and now, there’s “kween” (comma, “yas”).

The ways modern girls evade calling each other “girls” are myriad, but most of them take on the same semi-ironic tone, mocking the days when femininity, monolithic as it was, could be neatly contained within the parameters of a word.

As much as those old-timey words smack of condescension ― “ladies” seems at home in the mouth of a suited courter, verbally italicized ― they can also generate feelings of solidarity among women, and so we use them, half-seriously. “Lady” has a disparaging air; it implies that a woman behaves as she “should.” “Gal” isn’t as bad, but it harkens back to a time when women had fewer rights. When we use these words on our own terms, we’re giving them a new life.

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Beyoncé And Jay Z Are Perfectly Suited For Each Other In Matching Outfits

Have you ever attempted to dress up in matching outfits with your significant other? Coordinating colors, or trying a couple’s halloween costume, perhaps? Has it ever looked as good as this?

No, we didn’t think so.

American royalty Beyoncé and Jay Z attended the premiere of “Hands of Stone,” starring their good pal Usher, in New York City Monday night, and the eternally dynamic duo absolutely crushed it in a pair of power suits.

Jay wore a sleek gray suit with a white shirt, while Bey looked perfect in a fitted gray and white pinstripe jacket with a matching mini and gray strappy heels.

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Tyra Banks To Teach M.B.A. Course At Stanford University

Tyra Banks is going from slaying the runway to slaying the classroom.

The supermodel is teaming up with Stanford University professor Allison Kluger to co-lecture a spring course for M.B.A. students called, “Project You: Building & Extending Your Personal Brand”.

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Hear Tegan and Sara's Bittersweet New Relationship Song 'Fade Out'

Two years after Tegan and Sara recorded their first song for a movie – the Oscar-nominated “Everything Is Awesome!!!” for The Lego Movie – the sisters have another, the synth-pop relationship tune “Fade Out,” in the indie film The Intervention. A video for the tune pairs its se…

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Usain Bolt Is Just Too Flippin' Quick For This Flipbook Artist

Even flipbook artists struggle to keep up with Olympic champion Usain Bolt.

Ben Zurawski ― aka The Flippist ― paid tribute to the fastest man on the planet this week by illustrating an amusing hand-drawn booklet (see above).

But instead of drawing one of the Jamaican track star’s historic gold medal runs at Rio 2016, the cartoonist opted to show just how far the sprinter was ahead of his rivals.

Dang he’s fast!” Zurwaski commented on the YouTube video, which shows him flipping through the book. “Get that gold Bolt!”

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